Community Giving

We at Stylo believe that it’s our responsibility to make a positive impact in the communities we serve. Whether it be through our own projects or through the collaborations we do with organizations that share our mission, we are passionate about helping people live better.

CSR Partners

Blood Donation Partners:

Helping the community is part of the company culture at Stylo. Every quarter Stylo arranges blood drives with not for profit partners such Fatimid Foundation and Sundas Foudation. Stylo associates actively participate in these blood drives.

Hope Uplift Foundation:

Hope uplift foundation is a not for profit organization that runs a school for underprivileged children. Stylo donates shoes to Hope uplift foundation, which are sold to the underprivileged. The proceeds are used to run the school.

SOS Village:

Every year Stylo associates spend a fun filled day at SOS Children’s Village. Associates spend time with the children, play games and do fun activities with the children. For children highlight of the day are gifts and food.

Rang Bhar De:

Stylo organizes painting event for street children with Rang Bhar de. Gifts are distributed amongst the children

Fountain House:

Stylo associates spend a day with mentally challenged patients at the fountain house, share giveaways and food with them.