Loyalty Program


Welcome to the World of PRIVLEGE and Club Style membership!

Stylo brings its customers the true essence of luxury: Privilege and Club Style membership. As holders of these cards, our valued customers will have the key to unprecedented opportunity with one of the fastest growing fashion brands. With our mark already made in footwear and our name synonymous with beauty, fashion and quality, it is only fair that we thank our loyal customers in the best way we can.

Club Style Membership

Eligibility: Any purchase of 3,000 or more makes a customer eligible for our Club Style membership.

As Club Style members customers will be able to enjoy 10% off on all purchases. Other tempting benefits include:

  • Seasonal promotions
  • Discount sprees
  • End of Season sales
  • Loyalty get together
  • Exclusive packages

Privilege Membership

Eligibility: Club Style members on an annual purchase of Rs. 50,000 are upgraded to PRIVILEGE membership.
With a standard 15% discount and all of Club Style member benefits, additional perks include:

Seasonal Giveaways
At the turn of every season, Privilege members get exclusive giveaways:

  • Summer Season
  • Winter Season

Occasional Giveaways
With no intention of leaving special occasions behind, throughout the year Privilege members receive special giveaways, often tailored to the theme of the occasion.

  • 23rd March
  • Mother’s Day
  • Women’s Day
  • Eid ul Fitr
  • Eid ul Azha
  • 14th August
  • New Year’s

Membership Anniversary
To celebrate each anniversary as a PRIVILEGE member, you will receive a special shopping voucher against the corresponding amount as shown below:

  • 3 Years Anniversary – Rs. 3,000
  • 5 Years Anniversary – Rs. 5,000
  • 8 Years Anniversary – Rs. 8,000
  • 10 Years Anniversary – Rs. 10,000

As Stylo’s most elite customer, we promise the Privilege members the most fulfilling shopping experience.

Terms & Conditions

1. The Club Style card is a pre-activated and lifetime membership* card offered at our shops upon purchase of Rs. 3,000 or more.
2. Our shop representative will ask for the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact Details

  • CNIC
  • Date of birth

3. Kindly note that providing your CNIC no. is a mandatory requirement. In case your CNIC is unavailable, kindly mention the CNIC no. of either one of your parents. Stylo ensures that all data provided by you is stored in our database.
4. In case your club card has been lost or stolen, you may request for a new membership by contacting our customer support Center 042-111-STYLO (78956).

Conditions apply
*Annual shopping of Rs. 5,000 is required.